Monday, June 11, 2012

Hi!!! I'm back/Update/Don't judge me because I'm single!

Hi I'm Back!!! I have been gone now since December, wow! I have been super busy, still busy. School. Internship. Work. Friends. Family. Traveling. Did I mention SCHOOL, whippin my but since…forever!  But enough about that boring stuff.

Don't Judge Me Because, I'm Single!
This past Saturday evening I was in bed watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix, just taking it easy.  I started having serious cravings for red velvet cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.  I was in my sweats with no make-up on, I didn't look horrible, but I didn't look presentable for the outside world either lol. But, I convinced myself that I'm only going to run up to the to-go counter grab my slice of red velvet cheesecake and get in get out, never being noticed…right?!? Wrong! I walk-in and immediately get judgmental stares. People's stares were saying, "The single lady in her sweats, buying cheesecake to eat her having-no-man sorrows away…poor thing!" This one man just looked at me and shook his head right in front of my face…rude! Don't give me dirty looks for being in bed on a saturday night while watching old Grey's episodes that I've seen thousands of time anyway…all the while stuffing my face with the best cheesecake ever…GOSH! Lol! I would have liked to have been on a date with some amazing guy, flirting, and having fun, but I wasn't and I do not need your evil stares for it :P The day in the life of a single lady lol


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