Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Open Heart

I had the LONGEST list when it came to what I wanted in the opposite sex.  OMG it was literally pages!  However, after talking to some of my closes friends (more like them talking at me…lol!) I have decided to shorten my “list” drastically!  I have always said,  “if I can’t meet my own standards then I refuse to put those standards on my future partner” and I still stand by that statement.  But, some things on my list were kinda impossible to meet, for example, genetically straight teeth, 6ft or taller, must have upper level college education, and reasonable size nostrils…lol! Now that I have looked over my list I realize that some standards were just straight up ridiculous!  It took some maturity on my part and a lot of conversations with some of my sisters that lasted for hours and a lot of eye rolling on my part.  Prayer and truly looking at myself to see if I could meet all these standards is what really help turn my thinking around on some things.  I know I’m nowhere near 6ft, I don’t have all my graduate degrees (I’m getting there) and I’m no Halle Berry, but I handle my own.  However, I will say this, my uncle has always said, “You don’t want someone who looks like they belong on a chain or in a cage”…lol! It’s all about having an open heart for love to find you.  So, I’m letting go and seeing what happens…. you never know :)


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